The national and worldwide political scenario is alarming with some leaders’ worldview more focused on their personal agenda or their national interests. We ask: Where is the world going? Did the world really learn after two world wars and the Cold War?

Last July 2018, during the Genfest event at World Trade Center in Manila, the Focolare’s Youth for a United World launched a new project: “Pathways for a United World.” This is in line with the desire of Focolare founder Chiara Lubich who encouraged the young people in Genfest 1995: “We have before us an outline of the Youth for a United World Movement. What is its purpose? To contribute towards uniting the world. What is its method? To follow all possible paths that lead to unity. What is its spirit? Christ, whom each one of you will seek to let live again in your hearts by living the Word.” Read more

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