Here is the Word of Life for this month which you could view full screen and download to share with others.
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  1. A brilliant move to reach out to all the people of God throughout the world, particularly to the followers of Chiara, embracing all faith and religions, among adults and the youth, men and women regardless of denominations.

    • Ciao Nikkolo!

      Thanks for the comment! stay in touch! Hope this word of life on the web makes it easier for you to stay in touch 🙂

    • Hi Micheal! It’s very nice to hear from you 🙂 We hope na sana, wherever you are, you can get a moment to “rekindle” the fire of unity which is always there! We are very glad na we were able to reach you via our social media and website! Be assured of our unity! – your family in the Ideal 🙂


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