When we were engaged, Catherine and I gave each other a gift by buying a yucca plant. We gave it the name CHICCA: derived from our names CRI-KA. It was our symbol. Then we have decanted it and taken it with us on numerous transfers.

The Yucca
The Yucca

At one point, our relationship went into crisis. I left home and started another relationship. During this period, every time I went to visit our boys, I realized that the dry leaves of the yucca had increased, there were weeds in the pot, accumulated dust, and the rotten state of the leaves. In short, it had been abandoned.

Nobody cared about it. And I wasn’t happy with that. About a year and half ago, the plant appeared to be practically dead. Then, one time I visited our home, without my wife and children noticing me, I started to remove those weeds, cut out the dry and old leaves, and hoe the ground around it.

When I finally realized that my married life was with my wife, Catherine, I officially came back to her. Then one day my wife said to me, “Did you see? Chicca has recovered!” And I nodded, smiling, “He needed someone to take care of him.” Today the plant is back, as beautiful and luxuriant as it was many years ago.

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