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Sinag ng Araw / Ang Munting Binhi

“Masunod nawa ang kalooban mo, hindi ang sa akin” (Lucas 22:43). Sikaping manatili sa Kanyang kalooban, at manatili ang Kanyang kalooban sa inyo. Kapag ang...

Engaging with Life’s Mysteries

Marcelo Gleiser, 60, the Appleton Professor of Natural Philosophy and a Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire has been...

Living the Gospel: Towards Universal Fraternity

The Happiness Newsstand When my sister died, I inherited the newsstands that she had been running. It wasn’t my dream to become a shop keeper...

The Art of Letting Go

My son’s drug addiction started around the time he finished high school. Both my husband and I had never done drugs, so in the...

The Holy Spirit in Action

The Holy Spirit has always had a very important role in our history. Chiara Lubich, founder and first president of the Focolare Movement, repeatedly...

The road to recovery

“I should know; I was an addict myself.” Edgar Capacio, now clean for 35 years, completely turned his life around. As a young college student,...

2019 Year of the Youth – Filipino Youth in Mission: Beloved....

You are BELOVED Just like John the beloved disciple, who in his youth was called by the Lord to follow Him, the Church loves you...

Christus Vivit As Seen By Focolare Youth

Noemi, 28, from Paraguay, of Brazilian descent, is currently completing a research doctorate in Philosophy at the University of Perugia, Italy. In March 2018, she...

To Paradise and back (Part 1)

“All these pages I have written are worth nothing if the soul who reads them does not have love, is not in God. They...

Filipino Priest Spreads The Good News Via Organic Farming

It was the end of another day. The sky displayed a soft glowing ray of light as the sun dipped into the horizon of...
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