For the year 2017, the Youth for a United World Movement was awarded the 7th edition of the prize entitled: “Chiara Lubich: Manfredonia, City of Universal Brotherhood”, promoted by the New World Association (Italy). The award was given on the following grounds: “The Youth for a United World Movement is spread over five continents and includes people of different races, nationalities, cultures, Christian denominations and religions, as well as persons of no religious convictions. It is commended for giving witness that a united world is possible, for striving to make humanity one family through social and cultural actions which respect one another’s identity. The commitment to work and spread the UNITED WORLD PROJECT has been greatly praised.”


Gen Rosso: United beyond barriers

The international performing arts group Gen Rosso found success with their musical involving disabled youth and children, staged at the Nelson Mandela Forum in Florence last March 2017.On stage is a triumph of diversity. This is how Campus: the Musical, which played last March 18 at the Mandela Forum in Florence, Italy, can be described. The show is a unique genre, in which people of various levels of disability, mostly young people, gather around professionals that make up the international performing arts group Gen Rosso. The troupe has been around since 1966, when it began from an idea inspired by Chiara Lubich’s charism. The choice of venue could not be more perfect – the sports arena at the center of Florence, where there are public events, sports, concerts and debates. In 2004, its name was changed to the Nelson Mandela Forum, to bring high-caliber cultural events to the community, as well as a sense of openness, exchange and the happy meeting of diversity of all kinds.


Ecumenical Mariapolis

The 59th Ecumenical Week, was held at Castelgandolfo, Rome from the May 9 to 13, 2017. Blending with the current ecumenical trend, which brings to the foreground gestures, words and statements of Church leaders and also initiatives of Christians in different parts of the world. Seven hundred Christians hailing from 40 countries and belonging to 70 Churches and ecclesial Communities attended the event. During this “Ecumenical Mariapoli”, as many preferred to call this event, living together, sharing, spirituality and reflection took place – a new step towards “the dialogue of life” and “the ecumenism of the people”. The title of this ecumenical meeting was: “Walking together. Christians on the road to unity”. Its focal point was a central theme from the spirituality of unity: Jesus crucified and forsaken: the God of our time, and the foundation for a spirituality of communion. While the 500 years after the Lutheran Reformation are being celebrated in the ecumenical field, the main speakers were Bishop Christian Krause, former President of Lutheran World Federation; Rev. Dr. Martin Robra of the World Council of Churches in Geneva; Bishop Brian Farrell, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, and Miss Maria Voce, President of the Focolare Movement.

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