The Gen 4, or small children of the Focolare Movement, contribute to peace in their homes, in their environments and in the hearts of the people they meet.

Angelo from Tagaytay shares, “At home, my mother used to scold me when I don’t close the tap after I use it. Water continues to flow and is wasted. But now, I remember to close the tap at home. My mother is happy now, and so am I.”

Our Contribution to Peace 2
Mary Joy with the children

Another girl named Aira from Tagaytay recounts, “One day in school, a classmate of mine was eating her snacks. Then I saw another classmate who had no snacks just looking at her while she was eating. It seemed to me that my classmate who had no snacks was a bit jealous. I still had some biscuits in my bag for my snacks, so I offered it to that classmate. She thanked me and she was now OK. Then we were all Ok.”


Our Contribution to Peace 4
The Gen 4

From another part of the world, Kevin of Cameroon narrates, “One day at school-break, I asked one of my schoolmates if he had anything to share. I was hungry and had nothing. He refused. The day after, I brought a piece of bread and when he came to ask me, I in turn refused. The next day, upon throwing the dice of love dice. The side that came up read: “Love your enemies.” I thought of that classmate. In school I had tried to speak to him but he didn’t answer. So I sat in front of the house, waiting for him. When he came by, I called out to him, went up to him and asked why I shouldn’t speak to him anymore. He answered: “You refused to share the bread you had with me.” I immediately said, “Let’s make up!”, and handed him some guava fruit I had. Thus we started to talk and became friends again.”

Our Contribution to Peace 3Marco, a small boy from Italy, tells his story: “One day at the nursery, the children made fun of me because I’m fat. I was sorry they did that and sometimes I would cry. So I went to the Sister and instead of accusing them, I told her of my sufferings. I understood that I had to forgive them, and then I did so, because a Gen 4 is one who, like Jesus, forgives and loves all.”

Lastly, Bartek from Poland made his contribution to peace: “At the children’s party I received a gift from Teacher Ela – a chocolate bar and a lollipop. In my class there’s a girl called Asia, whom nobody likes. I remembered that in the morning upon throwing the dice, it read: “Love your enemies” and so I gave Asia the lollipop and half of the chocolate. She was surprised and thanked me. Now we have become good friends.”

Mary Joy Piñon
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