We cannot but be amazed by the trail-blazing moves made by Pope Francis these past few months. First, was his trip to Panama for the World Youth Day. Then, his visit to Abu Dhabi, to commemorate the 8th centenary of the meeting between Saint Francis of Assisi and Sultan al-Malik al Kāmil. On that occasion, he said, “I have welcomed the opportunity to come here as a believer thirsting for peace, as a brother seeking peace with the brethren.

We are here to desire peace, to promote peace, to be instruments of peace.” Recently, he also convened the Summit for the Protection of Minors. Much still needs to be done to address this issue, but with his facing the problem squarely, we can now hope for a solution. The above-mentioned events clearly show the Pope’s priorities: inter-faith and intercultural dialogue, and concern for the youth. Read more

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