The founder and first president of the Focolare Movement, Chiara Lubich once said: “It is not enough to be good men and women today because the world needs saints to make a radical change!”

Justice is the most looked up word nowadays according to the Merriam Webster website. It is indeed a phenomenon – a search not only for this word – justice (which is closely connected to peace and reconciliation) but for justice in real life. It is for this reason that we welcome the theme of the 52nd World Day of Peace – observed on January 1, 2019 – “Good Politics at the Service of Peace.” The Vatican’s recent press release underlined every person’s responsibility in politics.

“Political responsibility belongs to every citizen and, in particular, to those that have received the mandate to protect and to govern… This mission consists in safeguarding the right of, and in encouraging dialogue between, the actors of society, between generations and between cultures.” The Pope’s message also emphasizes “trust” for there is no peace without mutual trust. And we know that trust has, as its first condition “respect for the given word.” Read more

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