Amidst all the grim and scandalous news happening in the world, with its wars, rivalries, violence and hatred that affect nations, races, as well as families, nothing can ever stop the celebration of this epoch-making event… It’s CHRISTMAS once again! On this day, Christians across the globe come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

In the Philippines, the merriment and cheer start as early as September and end only after the feast of the Epiphany. Streets are adorned with Christmas lights and glitter, while most of the malls play Christmas songs. Catholics anticipate the nine days before Christmas by assisting at Dawn Masses (Simbang Gabi or Misa de Gallo) beginning December 16 and culminating on Christmas Eve.

Walking towards the church at dawn, one takes in the air filled with morning mist. Vendors selling rice cakes and other delicacies ply their trade on street corners. It is truly a special occasion that people eagerly celebrate with their family and loved ones because of the festive atmosphere that accompanies it. Read more

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