The Holy Spirit is present when we love. He has poured love into our hearts; this is what he has given us – love. If you put love into action, he will always be present. If you stop and get stymied, then he won’t speak any longer. On the contrary, something negative might filter into your soul, something that is not only wrong, but that comes from another “spirit,” from the “prince of this world” as Jesus says; the devil might come and tempt you. Instead, if you keep on loving, you will always be in the light and under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

So, to be in this atmosphere always, you have to keep on loving, always. Of course, you will say, “But Chiara, that’s not so easy!” Certainly, it’s all a matter of habit; getting into the habit. But then you will have special graces, encouragement from the Holy Spirit, divine gifts in your soul that help you to go ahead and keep going. You will experience them in your life.

So, love! Love always! Then you can be sure that if you love one another, Jesus will be in your midst and the Holy Spirit will be in your midst. You all know the technique of our love, of Christian love, which is based on four points. Practicing just one would be enough to make us saints.

Be the first to love, always outwards, making the effort to love, with action, always dynamic… because the life of the Trinity is one of dynamic love. We have to imitate the life of the Trinity in which love doesn’t stand still, it’s dynamic. So be the first to love! Love everyone, it’s a fantastic opportunity to possess the Holy Spirit, because you meet so many people during the day and you have to love them all. You can’t say, “I’ll love this one, but not that one.” No. See Jesus in all of them and this simplifies everything.

Then love others as ourselves, the same as ourselves, in the exact same way. … Being the first to love, loving everyone, seeing Jesus in all. If we only did these four things, it would be enough to live the whole Ideal (a life for God at the service of unity, that prayer of Jesus: “that all may be one”), to have the Holy Spirit, and conquer the world. That would be enough …

As time passes, this will happen more and more. Every move, every smile, every step, all you do will be the effect of the Holy Spirit in you. So, take courage! Let’s go ahead along this path and we’ll fill the world with the Holy Spirit, who makes all things new and renews the world.

Chiara Lubich


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