Drugs in school

I had to take care of a student who had been using drugs. The usual punishment for this is exclusion from lessons for a week. I didn’t want this student to spend the time in bad company and so I arranged for him to work with a community and to come to school and study on his own in the library. In school, I stayed with him the whole time and helped him with the work his group were doing in class so that he would not fall behind. I found this very demanding but it helped me realize that loving your neighbor means practical action. (M.M., Spain)

A new way of life at home

We are part of a team that runs courses for engaged couples. One day, just before leaving for a meeting, we had a row with our son. My wife and I left the house and began to make our way to our appointment but we didn’t feel at peace about the situation. After a few kilometers, we realized that we had nothing to offer the engaged couples.

I stopped the car and rang our son saying we were sorry for the way we had behaved. We continued the journey but then my wife pointed out that I had spoken in a very curt and dismissive way on the telephone and then we too began to argue. After a few more kilometers, we realized that we were not in a position to talk about mutual love and so we called one of the other couples and said that we were going home.

As soon as we set foot inside the door, we explained what we had done to our son who was amazed that we had turned back. This was a lesson that has helped us establish a different way of life at home. (K.E., Czech Republic)

The school trip

During a school excursion, some of my friends threw away food from our lunches without even opening the packaging. I was really shocked. The following day, I made plans in advance: at lunch time, I collected all the food that my friends hadn’t even touched and put it in a bag. Then I took it to a center for the homeless that was nearby. (N., Italy)

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