I really like the words of the Pope. I’m familiar with that passage of the Gospel that gave him the opportunity to pronounce them: Mary Magdalene goes to the tomb and finds it empty. Much love pervades her and she becomes frightened: she believes that others have stolen the body of her Lord. At first, she could not believe it. She was afraid of deluding herself and thinking the worst. Only when the risen Jesus calls her by name, does she recognize him. He gave her life back to her and she followed him as a disciple: the story of her life is unique, incomparable and she didn’t make any plans, for she saw only Jesus.

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“Every person is a story of love that God writes on this earth…a story of God’s love. God calls each of us by name: he knows us by name, he looks at us, awaits us, and forgives us, and he is patient with us”; it is not easy for a disabled person to believe what the Pope says, to think that one’s life is unique and that it is written by God to complete a universal collective design.

Not even for Mary Magdalene to think so, for she believes only in the moment in which Jesus calls her by name, appearing to her first, as to a small tile of the mosaic. ‘Jesus is not one who adapts to the world…not passive but our God is ‘a dreamer.’ He dreams of the transformation of the world,” a transformation dreamed of by God who foresees a world in which every creature has value, every life has meaning, by him who gives us happiness starting on this earth.

Great proofs are not lacking, but we can follow him, we too can be little dreamers every day, and offer him our humanity. Thus the world becomes more beautiful and welcoming.

Federico De Rosa

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